The Monsters Without

“Ignore the monsters within, for they will all obey in time…
But beware the monsters without.”

A new kind of monster movie

How often do the movies promise us a MONSTER and give us a silly rubber suit guy? Or dude with makeup? Or fake CGI critter? Always! But what makes a monster more than just a suit?

A story.

And that’s where The Monsters Without begins. With emotion. With a goal. With characters. And then on top of all that, something horrid that wants to eat them!

Combining the fantasy of Guillermo Del Toro, the wonder of Steven Spielberg, and the stylishness of Brian De Palma, The Monsters Without is an amazing story of…


The Story

It’s 2017 and the world still doesn’t know that monsters, or Yablo, are real. Enter PHASE, an international team of scientists and soldiers dedicated to the research and preservation of all monster-kind. Based in rural Philippines, PHASE is a rag-tag group of young men and women from all across the globe, thrown together to keep man and monste r safe from each other.

And for a while, they were successful…


The Time has come. An ancient Yablo called Nameless arrives with a plan all his own. Having witnessed millions of years of strife between man and monster, Nameless is determined to gather his kind and return them all to their home dimension, left behind millions of years ago…

The members of PHASE know better than anyone that man and monster are irrevocably linked. Nameless cannot be allowed to remove them from the Earth. Though Nameless is infinitely wise and nearly invincible, these lonely, conflicted, loving, and altogether human men and women of PHASE must band together to stop him.

A perfect location
The Monsters Without will explore the incredible natural beauty and local character of the Philippines islands. From bright, lush jungle to the crystal clear seas, no country can surpass the Philippines for pure visual value.
In addition to terrific images, the Philippines features countless production benefits. The worth of the dollar gives nearly a 2:1 value for all expenses. A supportive film industry and government help foreign productions feel right at home, as does the lack of a language barrier (nearly all Filipinos speak English). Inexpensive local talent and crew can be found easily, along with any number of necessary production services.
The Philippines, it’s ancient land and strong traditions, becomes nearly a character itself in The Monsters Without and our location shoot will bring that aspect to astonishing life.


Randal Kamradt (Writer/Director)

After first entering the indie film world in 2009 with Alone Together, Randal Kamradt has continued to create bold and creative films. Determined to weave fresh imagery into his work, Kamradt moved with Faraway into international production. Shooting entirely in the Philippines, Faraway integrates adventure with romance, fantasy and a twist of horror. His films have been seen in festivals around the world, including the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, the Singkuwento International Film Festival in Manila Philippines, and Indie Fest USA where Faraway took the award for Best Picture.

Jacqueline Holden (Prosthetic Makeup Artist)

Los Angeles based makeup artist specializing in Beauty and Special Effects. Has worked under some of the industry’s most prized beauty specialists.

Jake Macapagal as ‘Rommel’

Filipino star Jake Macapagal studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, gaining thirty-five years of experience in theater before taking the lead role in Metro Manila.
Metro Manila became an official selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, taking the World Cinema Audience Award. It has gone onto a tour though many prestigious festivals, also winning the British Independent Film Award for Best British Independent Film. Mr. Macapagal received a nomination for Most Promising Newcomer at BIFA.
After Metro Manila, Mr. Macapagal has shot to stardom, staring in such diverse projects as HBO Asia’s Halfworlds and Buhay Habangbuhay. He will next be shooting a film for Eric Matti (On the Job) before joining us on the set of The Monsters Without.

Jessica MacCleary as ‘Miranda’

Popular Filipino-American YouTube star Jessica MacCleary will make her feature film acting debut in “The Monsters Without”.
Well known for her viral videos about life and growing up as a Fil-Am, MacCleary has more than 58,000 subscribers on YouTube and her videos have over 2 million views. We are extremely excited to be the first platform for her talents to expand into acting and film!