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On Godard

Unspeakable sadness or reflective indifference to the passing of Jean-Luc Godard, a man I did not know. As he spoke after Truffaut’s passing “François is dead. Maybe I’m alive. There’s no difference, really, is there?” His cinema, continually redefining itself, was constant at least in its fracturing of time and space. So while Godard has … Continue reading On Godard

On Style

For me one of the happiest tasks of making a film is deciding on the style. There are so many options and choices available for it, including even the thought of whether the style should be consistent throughout the movie. Will the style change? Will it differ throughout scenes? Will it change within scenes? How … Continue reading On Style

Faraway memories

I’m sometimes at a loss when trying to tell stories of filmmaking. It’s obviously not because there aren’t any crazy stories while we’re filming, there are so many. But more and more so my mind is somewhere else entirely while filming. So much is going on, I can hardly identify what is an interesting incident … Continue reading Faraway memories

This is the first entry

I am testing this blogging software. Blogging is not a great word anymore, is it? It seems quaint now. I’ll try not to use it any more. Just saw Spiral Farm. I thought the ending was good and it did surprise me, and it was emotional. It took awhile to get there and was so … Continue reading This is the first entry

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