“The Monsters Without” (2021)
Writer and Director
Fantasy and Sci-Fi

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Premiered at the
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2021
Friday | October 1st, 2021
@ Regal L.A. LIVE

An action-packed adventure through the Philippines featuring terrifying and amazing creatures from Filipino Mythology, The Monsters Without is the latest film from writer/director Randal Kamradt (Faraway). With an international cast led by Jake Macapagal (Metro Manila, Watch List) and YouTube sensation Jessica Neistadt, The Monsters Without is a thrilling love letter to genre cinema and the beautiful Philippines islands.

“Lumpia with a Vengeance” (2020)
Associate Producer

This film was directed by Patricio Ginelsa Jr, a sequel to his earlier cult-classic “Lumpia”. I had the honor of joining the team in their final year of production as an Associate Producer and VFX artist. It’s a terrific and exciting film, and I’m very proud to have done a substantial portion of the visual effects. Dare I hope for a sequel…?The film stars former UFC fighter Mark Munoz, April Absynth, and Hollywood icon Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn, and countless other classics).

“Faraway” (2014)
Writer and Director

Audrey, a determined young American woman, arrives in the Philippines with a mysterious mission, little money, and no chance of success. But when she enlists the help of two friendly locals, Hazel and Rey, and an extremely unfriendly American expatriate, Nick, suddenly the possibility of success comes into view. All they have to do is cross 300 miles of roads, jungles, and ocean, ward off the attacks of a vicious local motorcycle gang, and keep themselves from killing each other. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Starring Dana Jamison, Nicholas Medina, Genelyka Castin, and Leonard Olaer

Faraway is the project closest to my heart, when I first discovered Philippines for myself, met my lovely wife, and finally made a film I felt lived up to most of my hopes for it. It was a journey that can likely never be beat, no matter how many (even better!) movies I make after it. It all started in 2011 when I came up with a wild scheme to shoot a film in my mother’s homeland of the Philippines. I had heard that it could be a way to cut costs and get an interesting environment for a story. Filled with enthusiasm and clueless-ness, I recruited some close friends and we traveled to Philippines in February of 2012.For three months we hastily set up shop, building a cast/crew and finding the locations. Then for two months, or forty-two days of shooting, we made our film. It was a difficult time as we were still discovering how to operate in another land. Many days were lost to rain and weather. But in the end we emerged with a film. After a year and a half of editing, Faraway finally premiered at the Philadelphia Asian American film festival in November 2014. Highlights of our festival run include winning Best Film at Indie Fest USA and appearing at the Singkuwento international Film Festival Manila, in Philippines.

“Weekend” (2011)
Writer and Director

My second feature, which I think of as my version of film school. A noble experiment and a great way to start finding out what works for me and what doesn’t. Otherwise not exactly an accurate representation of my professional skills these days.

Watch it for free at the link below, for historical purposes only.


“No Dogs”

A woman on the run…

WINNER: Chelsea Film Festival ‘Short Audience Award’
WINNER: CFF ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Ian Coleman
WINNER: CFF ‘Petite Prix Award’

This is a short film about the Filipino-American Set against the backdrop of the Watsonville race riots that set central California ablaze in 1930, Filipino American Marisol seeks shelter at Carl’s diner. Neither of them can foresee where that violent night will take them, or what secrets will be revealed.

It has been my tremendous privilege to direct this short film about a relatively forgotten history. A director gets few opportunities as rewarding as this one, and I credit Producer/Actress Georgina Tolentino for originating and guiding this project. I hope that many filmgoers seek it out and that it moves those viewers as much as I was moved while working on it.

Written by and starring Georgina Tolentino as Marisol. With Ian Coleman as Carl. Cinematography by Freddy Duarte. Music by Tangelene Bolton. Editing by Roy Rutngamlug.

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“Change Will Come”
Writer and Director

A short comedy film about a protester. Watch it right here:

“George Falcon and the Curse of the Crystal Orb”
Writer and Director
Musical Comedy

You’ve heard the legends, but you’ve never met the man. This is ‘Adventure Hunter’ George Falcon in a musical extravaganza like no other. When a locked-room case comes to the office, it fall appropriately into George’s capable hands. But how will he deal with his seemingly incompetent new partner Ashley? And what of the beautiful woman, Annette, who watches his every move as a representative of his employers? Let’s not ask questions, that’s hardly the Falcon way. Watch ‘George Falcon and the Curse of the Crystal Orb’ and find the answers yourself!

Watch the whole film here!

George Falcon is a short film that I have always been very enthusiastic about, but to tell the truth I’ve been rather disappointed by our showing at film festivals. Which is to say that George Falcon has been shown at no festivals whatsoever. Of course I moved on as quickly as possible to other projects to avoid being delayed by disappointment. But I’ve always wondered if there was more I could do for George Falcon. I’m proud to present here a brand-new recut version of ‘George Falcon and the Curse of the Crystal Orb.’ Shortened by five minutes and remade in vintage black & white to better suit the retro style of the film, this is the definitive version of George Falcon. I hope that some find it here and enjoy it.

Rose Days Commercial
Writer and Director

A commercial I directed for Otto and Sons Nursery. Cinematography by Freddy Duarte. Narration by Joel Torres. Came out pretty well, I think.